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Adobe (Fotolia) have announced that they will close Dollar Photo Club on 15th April 2016

dcp closing


It was nice while it lasted!

If you read our previous emails and comments on DCP (Dollar Photo Club) you'll know we were big fans of the site, it offered excellent value - outstanding value in fact when compared to all the other microstock sites by a long way!

Sadly Adobe recently announced that they will close the Dollar Photo Club in April, I suspect that they want to try to convert their customers to use Adobe Stock (Adobe recently bought out Fotolia who were the company that launched DCP), and while Adobe Stock is a perfectly good service to use, its definitely nothing like the value that DCP offered - In fact it's pricey!.


Alternative 1

99 Club @ StockPhoto Secrets

Subscription Images:

200 XXL Images per year for $99 from a range of 4 Million images to choose

Need Extra Images? Simply buy extra images any time you need for $1 (for Highest Resolution)

99 club

The "99 Club" offers more images per year than the $99 Subscription that Dollar Photo Club previously offered, there are less images, but still plenty of excellent quality and fresh style images to choose from!

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Alternative 2

Envato Marketplaces: PhotoDune and Much More

Envato Marketplaces

Envato run a network of creative marketplaces that each cater for a specific product type, each marketplace has its own authors who specialize in for example video footage, photography, website templates, graphics and illustrations. Because each marketplace is custom designed for a specific type of product you'll easily find what you are looking for, and not just photos you can find entire website templates, graphics and code examples, everything to allow fast track creativity. It's not a subscription like DCP, you just what you need when you need it, useful if you only occasionally need to buy extras like templates to suplement your main graphic needs.



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